Home Loan Modifications/Foreclosure Prevention Attorney in Seattle, WA

Are you behind on your mortgage payments? Is your home in the process of Foreclosure such that you have received a Notice of Default or Notice of Trustee Sale? Have you been a victim of a possible predatory LOAN? If so, we at Smithson Law Office know you are NOT ‘ALoan’. Your home, after all, is more than just a residence – it’s the place where you and your family have built your lives. You and your future are so much more than a name and some $$$ $igns on a page. You and your family deserve a FRESH START and an opportunity to modify your home loan, and your financial situation in general--for which you may be under to NO FAULT OF YOUR OWN!

When You Need Answers, Washington State, and Federal, governments have recently passed laws that help start to even out the playing field with well-meaning homeowners/borrowers who have fallen prey to overly zealous lenders and are now behind on their payment schedule, and/or under Foreclosure, for any number of reasons. Smithson Law Office is happy to assist you in the otherwise BEHEMOTH work of seeking a loan modification especially amidst the endless hurdles thrown your way by sometimes intentionally disorganized lenders, and advising you on your related legal rights, options, AND SOLUTIONS.

Remedies and solutions often include:

  • reducing your interest rates
  • reducing principal balances sometimes to the Fair Market Value of your Home
  • extinguishing junior liens
  • negotiating modifications
  • engaging in mandatory mediations under the Foreclosure Fairness Act
  • Bankruptcy-be it Chapter 7 or Chapter 13, and possibly
  • Litigation
  • We are Here to Help

It is valuable to point out that amidst foreclosure/modification dilemmas, addressing your individual debts AND overall $ situation is recommended (e.g. debt collection defense, bankruptcy—see other information/links on this webpage). Contact us today to better assess your situation and options. With Smithson Law Office, you are supported in our mutual endeavor, and are never just “ALoan”!